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A wrecker bed is what distinguishes a tow truck from a regular truck. Believe it or not, a tow bed can be extremely helpful in a variety of situations. If you are interested in starting up your own towing company, converting an old truck into a tow truck with a towing boom could be a start. However, towing equipment can assist in various automotive tasks. If you have vehicles you'd like to haul either to or from a scrap yard, a tow job is going to be instrumental to your success. A good tow truck (namely a heavy-duty or middle-duty wrecker bed) can also be helpful if you need to transport construction vehicles like tractors and small bulldozers from place to place. If you live in an area without many paved roads or many potholes, owning a tow truck could help you pull your existing vehicle out of whatever situation it's stuck in and get it back on the road again. A wrecker with a boom winch would be perfect for that type of situation. Likewise, securing the vehicle with hooks and chains and raising the chains up via the boom can also help in these situations.

If you are looking for something fancier, there are plenty of wrecker beds fitted with hydraulics to allow moving vehicles securely over large distances. Hydraulic booms often employ a yoke that slides underneath the front axle of a vehicle. Most tow trucks you see on the road today often have a hydraulic wrecker. Hydraulic booms can secure a vehicle much better than a standard boom and winch can. These are great for towing regularly-sized cars and small trucks from a crash to a repair shop.

There are also beds suitable for more larger-scale operations. Have you ever seen a big rig eighteen-wheel tow truck? Some of these use flatbeds, which are tilted (once again, with the help of a hydraulic system), pulling the car up a slant. These types of tow truck will secure the car and readjust the flatbed so it will be level with the ground. Flatbed-style wreckers can sometimes accommodate multiple vehicles at once. Trucks like these are often used to take multiple vehicles away from a crash site, or to take new cars to showrooms.
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